Why should businesses in Santa Rosa, CA invest in SEO services?


We know how tough starting a business can be. You have worked hard building a website and a brand, but to only realize no one is visiting your website. It’s like having a party without anyone showing up. However, with the help of SEO, you can fill your website with customers interested in purchasing your products and services. If you have a small business or are planning to start one, you need to have a plan to make your business stand out and be easily found by your potential customers. Lucky for you, this can be done through Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. It costs a little, but the return is very high. It will give your business a significant boost by attracting targeted traffic to your website. The concept of SEO can be quite complex, but through this article, we will guide you all the way.

What is SEO and how it Works

Before we go any further, it’s important to know what exactly SEO is and how SEO in Santa Rosa CA will help with your local business.  SEO in simple terms is bringing your website to the top of the search engine through keyword implementation in your content and strategic back linking. This will greatly increase the traffic to your site. “How?” you might ask. Well, let’s view this from a customer’s point of view. If you are craving for pizza, then you are most likely to search for a pizza place near your location.  You will most likely type in “pizza place in Santa Rosa CA” or something similar to that. Google will give you dozens of results, but you are most likely to look at the first one that comes up. After all, who has time to flip through pages of results? If a certain pizza place in Santa Rosa CA utilizes the magic of SEO, he or she will experience millions of visitors per day. People are most likely to come to that website because it’s located on the top of the search engine. Since people coming to the website often have the intention of purchasing a pizza dish for dinner, the owner will most likely experience a high conversion rate. This will lead to a massive amount of sales and profit for the business. That is the major reason why SEO will bring in more visitors and potential customers. What can we say, almost everyone on earth trusts the first page of the search engines.

Local SEO and Map Pack

If you look closely at the example that we have provided, you will notice that not everyone will enter the information the same way in the search engine. As we all know, most people like doing things the easy way. Instead of typing in “pizza place in Santa Rosa CA,” they might shorten it to “pizza place.” Don’t worry about that because Google has a built-in strategy to get you through it. The best thing to do is concentrate on keywords that target your business and location, this is called Local SEO, and in our case, it will be SEO in Santa Rosa CA. The way it works is when someone searches “pizza place,” Google will identify the searcher’s location and provide them with a map to your pizza business. This is called the “map pack.” Then the link to your website will also be on the first page among the lists of websites. The list of websites is technically known as the organic list.

The Benefits of SEO

One of the major advantages that SEO offers is it increases your brand awareness to improve your credibility and reputation.

When people search for something, it means they really want it or are at least interested in what they are searching for. This will bring you targeted traffic to your business website.

Websites that have undergone SEO tend to load faster; it will be easy to read and display correctly on a wide variety of gadgets and browsers. This is because the search engine that you use to optimize your website will help you achieve this automatically.

This method of marketing is also cheaper than other forms of marketing. It also adds essential analytical value because you can see which area of your SEO is attracting the most visitors and which is not. This will help you save money in the long run.

Getting started in optimizing your business in California is as simple as 1,2,3.  All you have to do is invest in a Santa Rosa SEO expert, and the rest is history.


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