What you must know about postal life insurance

postal life insurance

Postal Life Insurance Scheme offers Life Insurance cover with exceptional yields on premium. The most extreme total guaranteed offered under this plan is Rs. 50 Lakhs. This strategy is offered by the Government of India, to workers of Central and State Public Sector Enterprises, Central and State Governments, Government Aided Educational Institutions, Universities, Government helped Educational Institutions, Autonomous Bodies, Local Bodies, Cooperative Societies, Joint Ventures having at least 10% Government/PSU stake, and so on. A gathering protection conspire is additionally managed by Postal Life Insurance, which is for “Gramin Dak Sevaks”, i.e., Extra Departmental Employees, of the Department of postal life insurance.

Highlights of Postal Life Insurance Policy

By putting resources into Postal Life Insurance, a policyholder can profit the following benefits:

Nomination office:

The policyholder can name his/her recipient, and can likewise roll out improvements to the nomination.

Credit office:

Loan office is accessible against this strategy. The policyholder can vow his/her strategy as a security to the Heads of the Region/Circle in the interest of the President of India, once the approach has accomplished 3 years development if there should be an occurrence of an Endownment Assurance arrangement and 4 years arrangement period has been finished on account of a Whole Life Insurance arrangement. Task office is additionally accessible under this religare health insurance.

Arrangement Revival:

A policyholder can restore a slipped by strategy. The strategy can be restored when approach has slipped by under the following conditions –

Arrangement has slipped by after 6 progressive non-installment of premium with the approach being as a result for under 3 years.

Strategy has passed after 12 progressive non-installment of premium where approach has been in actuality for over 3 years.

Copy Policy Document:

A copy strategy record will be issued to the policyholder if he/she has lost the first archive. This likewise applies to the situation where the first approach archive is disfigured, consumed or torn and the safeguarded needs a copy of the same.

Conversion of Policy:

This arrangement can be converted from a Whole Life Assurance strategy to an Endowment Assurance Policy. An Endowment Assurance Policy can be converted to another Endowment Assurance plan according to the regulations and rules set around the back up plan.

Continuation of strategy

One can continue the strategy if one stops the Government Service. He or she can continue by making installment of premium at any of the 1,55,000 post workplaces throughout the country, even after stopping administration.

Favorable circumstances of Postal Life Insurance Policies

PLI plans have a few benefits granted to their candidates and is one of the most searched out protection items in the country as a result of its adaptability:

Name of nomination can be changed by the guaranteed at any given time.

Copy arrangement bond can be re issued to protected, on the off chance that the first Policy Bond is singed, torn, lost or ruined.

A slipped by postal protection strategy can be resuscitated after 6 unpaid premiums if it stayed in drive for under 3 years. It can likewise be resuscitated after 12 unpaid premiums if it stayed in drive for over 3 years.


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