Moefel Review: What You Need to Know About Moefel Bitcoin Trading Company


Moefel is a licensed Australian automated cryptocurrency trading company allowing users all over the world to trade in their platform. The company was established in September, 2016 and has been doing great in paying their investors every Wednesday of the week.

What You Need to Know About Moefel Bitcoin Trading Company

Moefel is the result of the effective output of professionals in advanced technologies and leaders of the financial markets. The company trades forex and Binary option initially, till expansion into stock and cryptocurrency trading. Other Commodities traded include but are not limited to Oil & Gas, Currencies and Gold.

Moefel enable small investors get involved in the highly complex financial markets with or without any experience of their own and above all guarantee a consistent and long-term success prompted the sealed contract between Moefel and Fatkhullin CEO-Meter Quote Software to secure full access to a unique trading software

How to Make Money On Moefel

Moefel has three main plans for their investors, which range from the minimum deposit of $100 to maximum deposit of $100,000 and paying between 10% to 25% weekly.

The company also allow you to earn extra cash using their referral system which pays 5% referral commission for lifetime.

How Does Moefe Make Money

Moefel makes money by trading pairs of cryptocurrencies, forex and binary option. Moefel also earn $20 from any new user who register in their platform.

How to Join Moefel

To become a member of Moefel, visit their official website @, click on the “Sign up” button above, fill the form and submit. During the registration process, you’re required to choose your preferred trader which is also know as your account manager.

After successful sign up, add your Bitcoin wallet address and start making an investment.

At your first investment, you’ll be required to pay additional fee of $20 which serves as your one-time membership fee.

Then send your payment and your transaction will be confirmed upon successful bitcoin confirmation.

When it’s confirmed, you’ll start earning your daily profit the next day after your investment was made. Payments are made after 7 days of your investment.


Moefel is a great company that helps you in trading cryptocurrency and pays you weekly profit. The company helps in managing your investment and save you from loosing your money. They’ve been in the market with high level of experience.


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