Learn about the difference between Debt Refinancing and Debt Consolidation loan

Debt Consolidation loan

Some people tend to get confused between debt refinancing and debt consolidation. Both these terms are quite common and make it easier for individuals to deal with the small market debts. In both cases, you need to take a new loan in order to meet all the small loans. So what’s the difference?  Let’s check out below.

You can think that refinancing is simply replacing the loan. When you actually go for refinancing, it means that you are taking a new loan completely that has a lower rate of interest and the terms and conditions are user-friendly for the borrowers.

On the other hand, consolidation loan means turning the multiple debts into a single one. In an optimal situation, you can actually expect to get a consolidation loan at better terms and conditions as well at a lower rate of interest. But it’s not the significant point here.

Debt refinancing and debt reconsolidation are not exclusive mutually. One can go for both these options at the same time. For instance, you can refinance the loan for a better rate of interest and then use the amount to clear of the small market debt, rolling them essentially into the loan. So here you are consolidating your loan as well as refinancing it.

When should a business opt for debt consolidation loan?

When the situation becomes tough people start thinking of taking a debt consolidation loan. They need to struggle to keep up with the monthly payments and even fail to track down the debt payments they owe in the market. In this situation, they become overwhelmed and frustrated and look for the consolation options with dire desperation.

Although the situation is really understandable, still, you have to remember one thing that business debt consideration is not as easy as it seems to be. It is a complete business decision, which you need to take after considering the various aspects related to your company. When considering consolidation options, you should understand whether debt consolidation is actually a good decision for your business in the long run.

What is the common scenario that is experienced by the business owners?

In the first place, an owner of a business needs to have a good credit history to get a quick consolidation loan. He needs to look out for the short term loans which can cover the costs, which the budget could not actually cover. Now the business needs more capital due to which the owner has to take a loan from the market. And due to certain reasons, he wants to consolidate debt to avoid paying the high rate of interest. It can be considered as a smart solution, and as the owner has a good history of credit, so it becomes quite easy to get the consolation loan accompanied by good repayment terms from reputable lenders.

Why should not you hurry for taking a consolidation loan?

Do not jump for taking consolidation loan immediately if you find a number of small debts accumulating. You need to access your present financial situation and then figure out whether a consolidation loan is actually required or you can make it out even without taking it. This is being said even after stating the benefits of a consolidation loan because if you default your payment, then you will get into huge troubles.

So, only take the consolidation loan when you can ensure that anyhow you can repay the agreed amount at the end of the month. Taking another loan to meet the consolidation loan, irrespective of the source is not the right path. And, it is simply a vicious circle from where you will never be able to come out. In such situation, the action needs to be taken completely different. Let’s get back to our topic of consolidation loan, and we will talk about this topic in some other post.

Can a Businessman become a good candidate for consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan can actually help a businessperson to improve his financial status, and there are multiple ways of achieving this.

Improving your personal as well as your business credit score can go a long way towards enhancing your financial outlook overall. As you keep on making payments, you can ensure that your personal credit score will keep on improving and you can even free up more amount of credit for yourself. You can just wait for some time, and the negative marks on your credit score will simply expire. This will help you to get new credit in the market next time when you need for your business. Business credit is nothing different, and if you keep on paying the debt amount, which you owe to the lenders, then you can actually recover your credit line as well as improve the credit score.

What are the advantages of taking small business consolidation loan?

Small business debt consolidation can actually make a vast difference to your business. You just need to take the right decision at the right time.

If you are completely stressed out because of multiple debts which you have the market and being constantly harassed by the creditors, then small business consolidation loan can be a good choice for you. It is needless to say that managing a single debt is far better than juggling between multiple debts.

Moreover when it comes to paying multiple debts, then the interest amount is also quite massive. So if you can consolidate the loan and reduce it to one single loan amount, then you can actually end up saving a lot of money. It is also quite a headache every time to remember all the small debts that you need to pay to a number of lenders. With debt consolidation, you can pay all the debts at one go and then simply keep on paying the consolidation loan every month at a fixed rate of interest.

Soon, you will become debt free and continue with your business without any more headache of loan repayment.


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