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If you are a business owner who runs a fashion or apparels store, then you must use social media for promoting your clothes. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications in the world today with a follower count of more than 40 million active members on a monthly basis. The total number of people who have Instagram installed to run in the hundreds of millions of people. In this article, you will learn how you can use Instagram for getting more traffic to your fashion website.

  1. Share photos of your clothes on Instagram

Instagram will allow you to post visual contents on its platform. You can post pictures of your clothes and apparels which you have to offer. Add innovative captions with the posts of your photos. You can also add the link to your business website in the captions. This will drive the visitors from your Instagram page to your business website. This will also increase the organic traffic to your site.

  1. Add innovative hashtags to create a unique brand identity

You must add innovative hashtags along with the relevant and researched hashtags which pertain to your business niche area. This unique hashtag will serve to create a unique and creative brand identity for your business. People can know about your company from this hashtag only. In future, this will help to develop your brand identity.

  1. Post all the photos of your latest fashion trends

You can post updates on all upcoming fashion trends which you will be adding to your collection on Instagram. Make your posts about your upcoming clothes and designs in Instagram to let your followers know in advance and then redirect them to your official business website with the relevant links if they want to know more about your new products.

  1. New models and photo shoots

You must use models to wear your clothes and designs and then feature them on your Instagram page. People need to see how they will look while wearing these clothes. So this is the most important thing on your Instagram page as a fashion store owner.

  1. Post updates about upcoming discounts

Besides posting photos of your clothes and designs, you must also post updates and infographics about the materials you use for your clothes and any upcoming seasonal sales and discounts that may be on offer soon.

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Being a platform where you can post only visual content is beneficial in a way unlike any; you can post photos of your clothing line, your new fashion designs and share them extensively on Instagram. This will drive more people to come and visit your business website, thus increasing your organic traffic.

Author bio: Jane Wells is a reputed business correspondent who writes for various fashion magazines. She recommends you to increase your followers for Instagram to increase your business sales through social media marketing.


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