How to Look Elegant in Hand Block Print Dresses


How to Look Elegant in Hand Block Print Dresses


It is obvious hand block print dresses have an eternal charm and appeal comparedto almost allother ethnic traditional wears and garments. And this isnot that hard to figure out especially if referring to the best of cotton block print dresses. Block prints and the ethereal appeal of genuine cotton fabrics make a strong combination that best bring out the character designs and styles of most contemporary or modern block print dress fashions.

Of course block printing is an ancient form of dress designing that is till practiced in many parts of the country and is believed to have started many centuries back. Initially, designs are drawn on the wooden blocks and then curved with sharp chisel, hammer and nails to ensure perfect consistency of the designs. Wooden hand blocks are then used to impress upon the fabric by regular dipping in the colors and dyes to attain the specific design wanted.

Highest Quality Fabrics

Fabrics for any dress are the heartbeat and soul of the design itself they promote the designers initial style as they either they aid in aspects like fabulous drape or confer better dress aspects like comfort and feel. For instance a high quality cotton block print dress has the ultimate properties of better absorbency and aeration due to the nature of the fabrics weave and inner richness of the fabric fibers. They are fundamentally durable and can be used over a long stretch or period of time. They are comfortable breathable and easy to maintain and cotton fabrics are always preferred over several seasons for their adaptable use and purpose.

Impeccable Refinement and Finishing

There is always the best of finishing and design to any block print dress as fabrics and materials are mixed to the right amounts for the best styles and designs as refined finishing. This impeccable finesse can only come about as a result well balanced trims, cuts and other shaping processes that make the dresses flow with a unique theme if refinement. Be it collars / necks, hemlines, bodice and hips, sleeves and cuffs each inch of the block print dresses online is dealt with a professional excellence top render them a unique status of flawless appearance and finesse.

Precise and Premium Fitting

There is a comprehensive fittings chart that makes a great statement for those seeking to get great and remarkable fittings into their wardrobes. Fittings are body shape centric determined and therefore are easier to monitor and tell while choosing or making the best choice. Precise fitting means that they add a certain amount of grace and character. Besides, premium fittings are standard measurements that are checked and measured according to standard women’s fitting guide and chart.

Passionate Design Style and Statement

Indo western floor length dresses combine the design styles of modesty and elegance that is increasingly hard to find these days. They are the essence of perfected design styles and are continuously improved upon for better service delivery. For example indo western designs are in high demand by the new generation of women dressers as they fuse and mix dress sensibility from both the east and west. They are ethnic with blends and additions of modernity to suit the current market and style trends.

Perfect Fusion of Styles and Designs

The biggest highlight of the block printed designer dresses is the fusion of great styles and designs. From both ethnic / traditional styles and western styles they make a great style statement and alignment of designs. Indo western designs fusions with hand block prints make for a new breakthrough styling and designing in block print dresses. Fusion is mixing elements of each dress sensibility that adds a stylish and unique sentiment to their appearance and taste.

Famous Types of Hand Block Print Dress Designs for Impeccable Dress Statements

Sanganeri Block Prints

Bagru Block Prints

Kalamkari Block Prints

There are several other prominent types of traditional and ethnic hand block printing styles that have inspired some legendary hand block print dress fabric motifs and designs. Discovering these is the epitome to unearthing the centuries of a craft that still fascinates and intrigues artists with extensive, expressive and beautifulhand block printed dresses online.




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