Food affecting Tinnitus – Making Situations better or worse

Food affecting Tinnitus

Right diet choice plays an instrumental role in our health. It can mitigate tinnitus’s effect on an individual’s life. It’s important to know how food affects our hearing and tinnitus. Decide what to eat according to your body’s requirement.   

Making conditions worse

  • Salt – When consumed in a large amount, salt can increase blood pressure by restricting blood vessels. Blood flow near the ear becomes poor, hence creating a negative effect for tinnitus. Consume more natural food and avoid processed food for low salt intake.  
  • Sugar – Functioning of the brain, eyes, and ear depends on glucose supply and oxygen in our bloodstream. But too much of sugar can hamper this process and adversely affect a person’s hearing.
  • Sulfite – It is a food preservative used for fruits and wine. It is also an antibiotic found in bacon, red wine, chocolate, trail mix etc. This can have a negative effect on tinnitus by intensifying its symptoms. Discontinuing all of them may not be possible, but try to do so for improvement.  
  • Fast Food – There are certain reasons to avoid fast food, one of them is their high content of sugar, salt, trans fat, MSG. These might intensify tinnitus. So avoid processed food and go for more natural meals.
  • Caffeine – Like salt, it also restricts blood flow and high blood pressure. Stress is an aggravator of tinnitus, and increased caffeine consumption can trigger stress responses.
  • Fats – Saturated and trans fat reduces blood flow which increases tinnitus symptoms. They decrease the blood flow. This is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke. This inhibits removal of toxins from the inner ear and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Healthy blood flow is necessary for healthy ears and proper brain function.  
  • MSG – Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer which happens to be an “excitatory neurotransmitter.” It increases electrical activity levels in the brain and auditory cortex, where the tinnitus noise is perceived. It breaks down in the body as glutamate. It has same harmful effects as Aspartame and overexcites neurons until they die.

Making conditions better

  • Mediterranean Diet – This diet is best for everyone, including tinnitus sufferers. The diet combines daily exercise with whole grain bread or pasta, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, cheese, and yogurt. Fish, poultry, eggs, and sweets can be consumed several times per week, and red meat several times a month. Wine consumption should be moderate. Keep the food closer to its original state.  
  • Banana – Sometimes fluid build-up in ear causes tinnitus, and the only way to relieve symptoms is to get rid of excess fluid. Banana helps in to regulate the flow of fluid throughout the body due to high potassium content. Other potassium sources are yogurt, spinach, and sweet potato.
  • Pineapple – Pineapple can be an alternative if you don’t like bananas. Pineapples reduce inflammation throughout the body including ears. This will help to reduce the effect of tinnitus.  
  • Vitamin B12 and Zinc – If it comes to combating tinnitus, these nutrients are on the front line. Vitamin B12 food includes salmon, mackerel as well as red meat. Food with high zinc content is yogurt, lamb, cashews, and chicken.  


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