Crowdfunding for the families of disaster victims

disaster victims

Accidents and natural disasters, also some man made disasters, are not events that humans can ever have any control over, despite the fact that measures can be put in place to avert some of these catastrophic happenings. The best of these measures, however cleverly planned and executed, can be thwarted by the sheer power of nature’s rampages. When that happens, damages are done to property, and what’s worse, lives are claimed by the dozens, even if crowdfunding India offers a solution.

Many of the lives lost might be the lives of breadwinners of large (or small) families. Whether it is an earthquake, a volcano explosion, a tsunami, a fire, a traffic accident, a drowning or anything else, the families dependent on the income of these sole breadwinners are left in a precarious position financially. First off, the reason the members of these families were not employed already could be because they did not have monetizable livelihood skills. Another could be that they did have the skills and may have been a part of the workforce long ago, but voluntarily left their positions to be homemakers/mothers/wives full time. Children are not counted in this number because they are not legally allowed to work.

What these families are faced with in the event of the death of a sole breadwinner is endless uncertainty in terms of how they will continue to function. Even if the family has savings put away for a rainy day, the prospect of digging into that stockpile is a threatening prospect for most, given that in the foreseeable future, there will be no fresh income and nothing more to add to that bank. Understandably, this induces a deep sense of insecurity and fear in the bereaving family, particularly if they have children whose education still needs to be paid for, and elderly relatives whose care is an important expense that must be taken care of.

Crowdfunding India can step in here as the proverbial balm of Gilead. The family of the deceased (due to a disaster) can start their own fundraiser on a crowdfunding platform, or alternatively, their friends or well-wishers can start a crowdfunding India campaign on their behalf. The object of such a fundraiser is to raise funds for the upkeep of the family in the absence of the breadwinner’s income, enough money to last a considerable period, or to accomplish large goals such as finishing the educational goals of a minor child or children. This is how crowdfunding can be a live saver even in the wake of a death by accident


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