Crowdfunding for religious tourism

religious tourism

The top reason why crowdfunding India is selling to the masses like hot cakes is that it is a process that stresses on the involvement of a lot of people who all invest financially and emotionally to a shared goal, which is an amount of money they are all raising together. Everyone has an equally important role to play in the process, to which each donor and the campaigner and his supporters, are integral. Without a single participant the process will not come to fruition. This is championing the Indian spirit of inclusiveness and democracy and allowing everyone to give to a fund for either personal or public need.

This is by no means a new concept, though the term crowdfunding India is certainly new to the cultural milieu in India. In historically ancient times, ascetics and beggars have gone from door to door asking for alms to finance specific projects spearheaded by rulers or the holy sages, In fact, to this day, even in urban India, religious festival pomp and grandeur is paid for by collections raised by similar means, with young people visiting neighborhood houses one by one and collecting money from each, in proportion to how wealthy that household is, and channeling the total funds raised for celebrating the festival.

Religion was an important part of the fabric of Indian life and living since time immemorial, and it has remained so till this day, although its ways of expression has changed. People of the two dominant faiths, Hinduism and Islam, travel to different parts of the country, and go abroad (Christians and Parsis and Buddhists in the country also do this) to perform their religious identities with vigour and genuineness. While some people make a trip every year or every few years as expression of their faith, many are not able to do this because of financial constraints. Since all Indians have the right to practice their religion freely, they must also be given the opportunity to do so, including financial assistance to make pilgrimages within the country, with the rich helping the poor in economic ways to enable them to travel for the sake of religion.

Crowdfunding India platforms can start their own independent fundraisers to root for this cause, passing all raised funds on to those in need of funds to make pilgrimages, in order of highest need first. This way, help can be given to those who really need it, and when they do, without discrimination.


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