Commonly asked questions about dihydrocodeine and its effectiveness as a pain reliever


Dihydrocodeine is a prescribed medicine, which is suggested to those who are suffering severe or moderate pain situations. It can be used for healing different kinds of pains or swelling conditions. Codeine has been used as a painkiller. When this painkiller does not work well, Dihydrocodeine has been prescribed. Hence, this medicine is stronger, and it has more impact on your body than other commonly used painkillers. This medicine works interestingly. It blocks receptors that carry the message of pain to the brain and spinal cord. As information does not reach central nervous system, the patient does not feel the pain.

So, it is evident from its working mechanism that the painkiller does not heal swelling condition. It gives pain relief for a temporary period. Depending upon the pain intensity and dosage, a capsule can offer pain relief for at least 10 hours. In the following section, answers to a few frequently asked questions with Dihydrocodeine will be discussed.

When is Dihydrocodeine prescribed to patients?

This medicine is prescribed when patients suffer from extreme or severe pain. It could be muscle pain or a headache. It could be swelling due to ligament injury or even toothache. For any sorts of pain or soreness, this medicine has been suggested by doctors or physicians. Since it is a high dosage medicine, it is not prescribed to kids. The medicine is only for adults and doctors prescribe this after checking medical history of patients.

Is Dihydrocodeine addictive?

Dihydrocodeine is an opioid-based painkiller, and such painkillers are addictive. If you understand the mechanism of this painkiller, you shall understand why it is addictive. It leaves impact on the central nervous system of human body. It does not let the pain receptors to send a message to the brain or spinal cord. As a result, people start feeling dizzy or drowsy after taking this medicine. However, consuming it as per prescription of doctor will not harm. Consuming it without a prescription or at a higher dosage than prescribed amount would lead to addictive consequences.

How to purchase this medicine?

If you have been prescribed to consume this medicine by your physician, you should keep your prescription when purchasing it. You can also choose to go to buy from UK Meds. To purchase it online, you need to submit a digital copy of your prescription.

Can you drink alcohol when consuming this medicine?

Quitting alcohol during this medicine is strictly suggested or recommended. If you are drinking alcohol with this medicine, you will find certain complications. Avoiding those complications is essential. Nevertheless, due to alcohol influence, the effectiveness of Dihydrocodeine can be reduced. It would not work as per anticipation. It can enhance dizziness for a long period. Due to reaction with alcohol, blood pressure level may come down abruptly, causing various physical risks.

As long as you consume Dihydrocodeine, you should avoid driving. Aftermath of consuming this medicine is feeling dizziness. This is why driving after consumption of this medicine is not recommended.


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