Bitdefender Norton Antivirus Comparison – Why is Antivirus Important?

Norton Antivirus

This question itself should not exist – that’s how important antivirus software is for your systems. Malware, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, millions of kinds of other viruses; they’re all out there, awaiting a slight window to enter your system and destroy everything you hold so dear.

Thoughts like these might rise in your mind:

“But, I use my PC very carefully.”

“I don’t visit unsafe sites.”

“My PC usage is limited to web surfing.”

Now, while all those are valid precautions, they can’t really protect your system from an incoming threat. Imagine having a door but no lock on it – anyone who wishes to walk in your home, potentially, could. It is the same with your PC or any other system that you are using. Most antivirus suites are not limited to detecting and removing viruses only – they’re designed to cover most security basis to protect your system from harm. Here are the potential risks that could end up being in your system without your prior knowledge, and viruses are specifically designed to be stealthy.

A virus could:

  • Breech your personal information
  • Hold your financial and other files hostage (Ransomware)
  • Steal your banking information (identity theft)
  • Keylog any other sensitive information that you may use your keyboard to enter (username, e-mail, password)
  • Delete all your data
  • Corrupt existing files – making them unusable
  • Create issues with system performance (slow down)

You must have a strong antivirus suite in order to protect yourself from these harms. A good antivirus not only removes existing threats in your system, but also prevents any future attacks that are underway, makes browsing a safer experience and protects your information from being stolen, and does not slow your system down significantly.

Don’t worry, we have reviewed almost all of the antivirus software (that’s what we do), and our top picks for you are Norton Antivirus and Bitdefennder Antivirus – and what special features do they offer. Let’s do a quick Bitdefender and Norton comparison.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Apart from the fact that Bitdefender antivirus suites have always performed exceptionally well in independent lab results all around the world, it has a near perfect malware detection and prevention rate – including zero-day malware. Its stand out features include: Ransomware Immunizer, Virtual Keyboard, Secure Browser, Password Manager, and Wi-Fi Scanner.

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus ranks really high in all the independent lab tests as well. One of the most stand out features that Norton Antivirus comes with is that no matter which suite you opt for, it will not slow your system down by even a little bit. The antivirus also offers protection that goes beyond dealing with viruses. Other strong features include: Password Manager, 24/7 technical support, Anti-Phishing, Ransomware Protection, Gamer Mode, and Safe Banking.


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