Android is the growing and we have something to watch out for:


The world is growing towards something that is very realistic and making all our lives easier. Since the advent of Android, a lot of things around us has changed. The way we communicate with others, the things we care, the things we love and finally the things we do. Everything has changed significantly. We truly live in a digital era where policies are drawn just for humans but also for their associated lifestyle.

Japan, the early adopter of robotic technology has brought in android-human robots to do most of our work. These highly efficient robots are replacing humans significantly and are very much closer to the cutting edge technology where they can operate without any manual intervention. Currently, In India, the extent to which Android has penetrated into the system is not much compared to Japan and US. But there is significant growth in terms of software development is considered.

Lately, the era of mobile phones has revolutionized the way phones are made. Smartphones are becoming smart as every new model comes into the market. Mobile phone manufacturers are fighting to get patent for their latest technology and devices models. So as consumers we are in for a ride. We are going to witness a lot of changes in the coming future. While we brace for that, there is something else also we should be looking at. These are economic and job impact this growing industry is going to have on us. As the industry is growing very rapidly there is lot in store for us.

Firstly, we are promise a career in this field. As the company expands, there is a huge need for manpower. This ranges from tech leads to machine operators. Android development professions who has undergone android development course and training with a considerable amount of work experience will be choose for these roles. There is another industry which is looking at a significant growth. That is the big data industry. As more and more people buy smartphones, there is huge lot of data that will be collected. These are called big data. This data has to be processed, analysed and business solutions are drawn. For this, there is a need for professions who has completed big data analytics course and have done a significant number of projects with good communication skills.

In some cases, a person who has done a simple data analysis course can also qualify for this position if he or she has the expertise to handle such data. Hence because of the growing industry, this looks very much green at the other end. The profession also a promises some of the best perks like a high paycheck, good work-life balance and also puts you on a high growth track. These things do not come so easily on other jobs. The only factor that you have to consider if you love to make a career in this then it is very important to get your certified course at a reputed institution. Some of these institutions also promise you a job. So get going.


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